Saturday, September 22, 2012

Big Miracle

I watched the movie,"Big Miracle" today.  It stirred up some feelings on grief for me.  The strange part was it was about whales.   Why am I so overwhelmed by a movie about whales?

Why did they call the movie, "Big Miracle" when not all the whales made it?  Maybe the same reason I had, "miracle baby" inscribed  on  my  son's gravestone.

I was standing, looking out the window today.  A  very bad mood had set in from being overwhelmed, tired, worried, burdened.   I don't think anyone gets how hard this  life is for me. And a hummingbird swooped in right in  front of me.   I told myself, "it's not God, it's just a bird flying, and that very bird will die one day".  I wanted to remain cold.  Even though God always tugs at my heart strings. It's like He wants to keep me seeking His face always, and He knows just how to do it.

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