Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rising Up from the Ashes

I  have been inspired by someone. Someone very dear to me,and he has been for a long time.  I basically have watched him lose almost everything in the last few  years.  I  know details about his sorrows that very few know.  I have  been sworn  to secrecy, but I know God  knows  too, and  that brings me peace.

But instead of giving up, he has  been rising up from the ashes, and I am seeing a beautiful transformation in his life.  God is  truly taking the bad that has happened  to him, and making something good.  I am not saying it is  easy for him at all, in fact, I know  the Lord is his  strength, I see it in  his face.

I don't think he realizes  what a powerful testimony his life  is to me.  Tonight, I was watching him, and he gave my heart wings...not many  people are able to do that. I needed to see  it, because today, I was  weak and wanted to throw in the towel, but seeing him shine, gave me hope  that God can shine through me too.

I am so thankful for him, he feels  like the brother I never had.   I love  him dearly.  I pray for God to bless his socks  off in only ways that would be special and speak of God's love to him directly.

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