Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The season of Blaze is drawing near

Sweet precious princess faces
all the love for my daughters
fills the void in the empty places
where I miss them

Pretty pink girly things
I am having so much fun
it dulls the ache of Death's sting
of missing them

Little boys who stole my heart
my handsome little princes
too soon did depart
Oh, how I miss them!

I cherish all I have been given
as my grieving heart
can't help but long for Heaven.
 where there is no more missing.

Dear Blaze,

I love you my son, I can't wait to hold you again,  dear precious one.  I can still remember the smell  of your hair, and the softness of  your cheek.  Letting you go, oh how I did weep! Knowing I will see you again is my joy, and I will keep telling your story, so many will remember, my  precious baby boy, my sweet prince, our Blaze of glory...


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