Friday, October 26, 2012

Heavy Hurting Heart

heavy hurting heart
looking for a way
to lift the aching load
under the clouds of gray

finding comfort in
places you dare not go
the temporary fixes
become unraveled  so

heavy and broken heart
trying to put on a show
hiding all the broken pieces
so that no one will know

that wise can become simple
and strong can become weak
that smells that were once fragrant
can soon begin to wreak

when left unto themselves
with no one there to bear
loads too heavy for lifting...

makes it feel like no one cares

so hearts can become bitter
and roots from pain increase
when people turn away
and let compassion cease

long suffering Savior!
make us come to their aid
so no one EVER gives up
help them understand the price You paid

you taught the world
that love means sacrifice
and to help someone in need
means, you lay down your own life.

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