Wednesday, November 21, 2012


dirty and broken
I fell on the floor
crying in hopelessness
can't take this anymore
rejected and prideful
I fell on the ground
not able to look up
in my shame I almost drowned
one hand came down
in front of my face
someone else dared
join me in this place
this place of sorrow
pity and shame
who would dare
what is the name
of someone brave
someone daring
who would enter in
who would be so caring
I did not accept
the hand reached  out
the fact that it was there
made me doubt
I could not trust
the motives of someone who'd take this risk
so I grit my teeth
and barred my fists
then came the two hands
with nothing inside
I couldn't understand
or see past my own pride
two hands  were there
formed into a cup
how could that help
how could that get me up
out of this pit
this place of despair
where no one wanted to be
even I didn't want to be there
I wiped away my tears
to take a closer look
I was afraid
in fear I shook
I vowed to trust no one
from the pain I had endured
my hard heart was permanent
it could not ever be cured
then I looked in the hands
formed into a cup
I was so shocked by what I saw
I had to look up
Two holes driven
in the center of each hand
what was this
I could not understand
As my face lifted up
hope and compassion is what I saw
his wounds were worse than mine
sensitive and raw
His pain was real
it's something He did not hide
suddenly my heart softened
I had no more pride
His pierced hands helped me stand
He bid me to come  along
even in my shame
I knew I could not go wrong
He carried me out
and took me to a better place
a place of forgiveness
love and grace
Anyone who dared
to love someone like me
He broke down the walls of separation
His love set me free
I've found a friend in Jesus
joyful tears I now cry
He came to rescue me
when I thought no one cared if I lived or died
His love is so amazing
He changed my heart forever
I know I am never alone
That He and I will face it all together....

"He brought me out into a broad place; he rescued me, because He delighted in me."   Psalm  18:19

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